What are Mitochondria?

mitochondriaMitochondria are little sausage shaped structures that exists in all of the cells in our body. Their job is to break down the food the cell needs, using oxygen and turn it into energy.

They are known and the powerhouses of the cell. They are necessary in the body to sustain life and support growth. All our cells need energy to grow, live and act out their functions.

When the mitochondria don't function correctly the cells cannot produce the energy our body needs. If our cells do not have energy then the tissues or body organs that the cells are made up of do not work properly.

Currently there is no cure for Mitochondrial Disease.

The goal is to improve symptoms and slow progression of the disease.vitamin-therapy

This can be helped by the following:

  • Use vitamin therapy
  • Conserve energy
  • Pace activities
  • Maintain an ambient environmental temperature
  • Avoid exposure to illness
  • Ensure adequate nutrition and hydration